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EMPI Imp # Unknown - Dave Grummett

I have an EMPI Imp in my garage

Hi. My name is Dave Grummett. I live in a small town near Toronto, Ontario. I have only had my imp on the road for one summer and I swear, it is the coolest thing to drive in the world. It is sitting on a shortened 57' pan (swing arm) with the original tranny and drum brakes(4). It is originally EMPI orange but now it is base clear metallic purple. I have a light gray custom soft top for it with a slight tint in the windows. After juggling fly wheels, clutches and pressure plates, I crammed a type IV 2000 cc engine in the tranny. (extensive grinding of the bell housing required too) It has a progressive two barrel Holley carb and hydraulic lifters. I cut up a pair of bug pack headers and made them fit the ports on the type four. The engine is also customized and painted. I have the original EMPI Imp emblems (2- one for the front where the fiberglass is raised and one for the back corner) and the original mirrors, as well as the roll bar, and bumpers. I also have the original orange instruction manual that is on the Web page. I customized the Imp by adding a CD player (after changing it to 12v), boxing in the back seats and installing two 10" subwoofers, two 6x9" and a 400 watt amp.

I am presently attending Lakehead University in Thunder Bay On. For mechanical engineering. I have had people want to buy the car but I have too much time and love invested into it. Now after not driving it for a year I may consider sell it (for the right price) but I'm sure someday I will regret it. It's all a money thing. no money- no education. The id plate is missing off the car so I don't know the serial number. I wish I did so I would know what year it is.

Address: Lakehead University Residence, Res. Box # 250, Thunder Bay, ON PB7 5EL
Phone: 807-684-9498

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