Some Incredible Vehicles

EMPI Imp Dune Buggies

EMPI Imp Registry -- might as well see if we can keep track of them!
Our dune buggy -- 65 VW Frame, 69 EMPI Imp body, 74 VW 1600 dual port engine
Speed Buggy -- original EMPI Imp photos and current Imp shots

Other Dune Buggies.

The Dune Buggy Archives -- A collection of ads, photos, toys and tips. Everything fiberglass buggies!
Brenda Jordan and Bill Moore's 1967 Manx clone. -- Body only, still in process
Manx Man's ( Manx -- under restoration
A green dune buggy
An orange dune buggy
A purple dune buggy

And some other incredible vehicles:

Ken's 63 Nova
1963 Chevy II Nova.
194 Cubic Inch inline 6 cylinder 120HP.
3 speed on the tree.
All original.
The Nova in front of a barn

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