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1968 EMPI Imps
Serial #374 or #1211 - Hermann Heigl, Munich, Germany
Body: 1968 or 1969 EMPI Imp #374 or #1211, Originally Green, Now Blue with modifications for German laws
Frame: 1958 VW Frame, disc brakes front and rear, gauges from porsche 914, Recaro seats, US Superbeetle lights, adjustable front end, stabilizer kerscher, stronger rear springs/shocks adjustable, rear wheel distance adapters.
Front Tire: Pirelli/P7 185/70SR15 on 15" Lemerz Rims
Rear Tire: BF goodrich 235/60HT15 on 15" Lemerz Rims
Engine: 1600 - 50 HP / buggy exhaust chrome / Front Oil cooler / Girdle to hold Gearbox (Blew up the Type 4 - 2.0 CU)
Transaxle: 4 shortened gears with a girdle to hold it better, front oil cooler
Status: Not a daily driver, comes out only for show and shine
Link: EMPI Imp #374 or #1211
Serial #405 - Ron Castillo
Body: 1968 EMPI Imp #405, currently faded pink (originally metal flake green)
Transaxle: VW Swingaxle
Engine: 1600 (not running)
Status: In pieces
Serial #423 - David Engle, Gainesville, Florida
Body: 1968 EMPI Imp #423, Originally Silver Metal Flake
Frame: 1959 Frame
Wheels: Sprint Stars, 10" on the back.
Engine: 1970 and Stuck.
Status: Under construction.
Club: South Eastern VW Club
Link: EMPI Imp #423
Link: Bug Junction
Yahoo IM: vwandstudebaker
Story: How did I find it? A guy who was looking at one of my bugs told me about his friend that had it sitting in the woods where they parked it a couple years ago.
Serial #424 - Glenn Maisenbach, Panama City, Florida
Body: 1968 EMPI Imp #424, Originally Gold Metal Flake, Soon To Be Blue
Frame: 1971 Frame
Engine: 1974 1600 Dual Port
Status: Under construction. (An in crate project)
Link: EMPI Imp #424
Serial #450 - John Schuler - Yucca Valley, CA
Body: 1968 EMPI Imp #450, original color metalflake green, will be changed to chartreuse metalflake with original style pinstriping. Will be equiped with as a complete "Super-Sport" kit.
Frame: Looking for a 1967 "CA. black plate" chassis to modify. (Currently on a 1959 chassis.)
Engine: EMPI equipped 1600cc.
Options: "EMPI RAM INDUCTION KIT", Zenith 32NDIX, 010 and EMPI dress up trim, front and rear IMP badges, EMPI globe side panel logos, N.O.S. chrome tail lights, wood GT wheel, early gauges, w/pod tach, 5 lug sprint stars, DelSwift mirrors, etc ....
Status: Finally going to get the correct EMPI restoration it deserves.
Previous Owner: Dave at Bug Junction, Gainesville, Florida
Previous Owner: Walt, Augusta, GA
Previous Owner's Link: Walt's site
Serial #483 - Jason Mitchel
Body: 1968 EMPI Imp #483, green.
Frame: 1965 VW Beetle Frame.
Status: On the road.
Serial #519 - Deb & Paul Moran, Illinois
Body: 1968 EMPI Imp #519, original blue metal flake.
Frame: 1962 VW Beetle Frame.
Engine: 2.2L Subaru
Status: On the road.
Previous Owner: Kim Rudolph from Traverse City, Michigan
Previous Owner: Mike from Hartford, Indiana
Serial #530 - Don Velasco, Edwards, CA
Body: 1968 EMPI Imp #530, Originally Candy Apple Red, Now Semi Metallic Dark Green
Frame: 1960 VW Beetle Frame
Engine: 1967 1500cc Single Port (soon to be a 1635 Dual Port)
Status: Needs a new engine
Serial #554 - Brent, Owosso, MI - between Flint and Lansing
Body: 1968 EMPI Imp #554, primed and sealed
Frame: 1960 or 61 VW Beetle Frame. It has spindle mount wheels on front, so its not plumbed for front brakes although he has the front hubs. It has new rear brake lines. He doesn't like riding people in the back seat so to give it a sleeker look, he cut 4" out of the roll bar and the windshield frame. He has the original seats (no pads) original wood steering wheel (no horn button).
Engine: Brand new not fired up yet `1641 cc /ceramic coated exhaust.
Status: For sale
Contact: or 989-666-4729
Serial #570 - Richard F. Kovacs - Bethlehem, PA
Body: 1968 EMPI Imp #570, original metal-flake orange from the factory. White convertible top, gold vinyl seats, including a gold vinyl rear bench seat and gold carpeting in the interior.
Frame: 1961 VW Beetle Frame
Engine: 1961 1200cc engine and transmission.
Status: The Imp was given to me by my daughter and son-in-law for my 60th birthday in August 2001. I am in the process of having it registered as a newly constructed vehicle in Pennsylvania. The Imp is in very, very good condition.
Serial #689 - Steve King, Spartanburg, SC
Body: 1968 EMPI Imp #689, originally metal flake green, now metal flake blue due to sun. Original wheels, Swedish gauges, wood or wood fiber steering wheel with logo. Had top but was removed due to sun damage.
Frame: VW Beetle Frame
Engine: 1600cc Dual Port
Status: Restored weekend driver.

Update 2020-03-04 - Stephanie King Witz on Facebook is trying to find her father, Steve's, original Imp to buy it. If you come across it, please let her know.

Link: Imp #689
1969 EMPI Imps
Serial #1002 - Deb & Paul Moran, Illinois
Body: 1969 EMPI Imp #1002, Black Prizmatique (Originally Blue/Green Metal flake) painted by Dan Peletis.
Frame: 1965 VW Beetle Frame, secured with elevator bolts, manual turning brakes, compensator, adjustable front beam and rear spring plates. Raked lift kit (0" front/4" rear).
Engine: Subaru 2.0L twin turbo (EJ20TT)
Status: On the road and full of sand (from Silver Lake Michigan).
Link: EMPI Imp #1002
Engine pictures
Serial #1004 - Paul Yeager, Northern Virginia
Body: 1969 EMPI Imp #1004, Metallic Purple
Frame: 1958 VW Beetle Frame
Engine: VW Beetle Engine - 1600cc Single Port (Dual Port in the future)
Status: On the road, radical custom, lowered 2", chopped windshield and roll bar (4")
Clubs: "The Buggy Boys" Dune Buggy Club
Link: EMPI Imp #1004
Serial #1010 - Chuck Sostak, Lombard, Illinois
Body: 1969 EMPI Imp #1010, original gold factory finish.
Frame: 1957 VW frame, '68 trans.
Engine: 1968 1600 dual port w/ EMPI Kadron carbs.
Wheels: "UNIQUE" Supreme Series (reverse backspace on rear) 5 x 4 3/4 wheel adapters. tires are 205/60R14 front, 275/60R15 rear.
Status: On the road. I am the third owner, purchased it with body on frame in 1975. Stays on road only. Having a blast going to all the "Cruise Nights" and getting a lot of attention, everyone knows what a dune buggy is.
Clubs: VWCA and NIVA.
Serial #1011 - Wayne Herring, Lubbock, Texas
No image available
Body: 1969 EMPI Imp #1011, diamond white pearl (originally green metal flake), original EMPI GTV wheels, on the rear (10" wide).
Frame: 1960 VW Beetle frame with adjustable front end added and dropped to give my Imp that raked look. Rear torsion bars are set at maximum height for that pro-street look.
Engine: 1970 110 HP 1835 cc engine with Weber 44 IDF, Jacobs Electronic Ignition and dual glass packs.
Front Tires: Michelin X Radial 185/15's on 15 x 5 1/2 Empi Sprint Stars.
Status: Working on the wiring.
Serial #1013 - Bob Johnson, Hays, Kansas
Body: 1969 EMPI Imp #1013, Green Metal flake with bikini top
Frame: 1964 VW Beetle Frame. Modified torsion leaves with one full width layer and one half width layer out of the torsion leaves in both the top and bottom tubes.
Engine: Late Model 1915cc Dual Port with a single Weber progressive carburetor and aluminum coated exhaust.
Transaxle: The transaxle is a swingaxle with short axles and a later model center section using 3.12 to 1 ring and pinion (which isnt low enough for 31 inch tires) and stock gear ratios.
Front Tires: 205/65 R15 with 6 inch wide wheels with standard VW offset.
Rear Tires: 265/75 R15 on 8 inch wide wheels with standard VW offset for on and off road. In sand, Dessert Trak 12.00 paddles on 10 inch wheels also with standard (3.5 inch) offset.
Status: The Imp is traveling the country behind their motor home.
Link: EMPI Imp #1013
Serial #1065 - Leonard Watson, Milford, OH
No image available
Body: 1969 EMPI Imp #1065, originally green metal flake now yellow
Frame: 1962 VW Beetle frame
Engine: 1965 1200cc single port
Status: Daily driver whether permitting (Previously owned by Brian Koger, Batavia, OH)
Phone: 513-364-6692
Serial #1082 - Byron Grams
Body: 1969 EMPI Imp #1082
Frame: 1967 Frame
Engine: 1835cc Air Sucker
Status: On the road
Link: SpeedBuggy
Serial #1088 - Francesco (Frank) Ansaloni, Italy
Body: 1969 EMPI Imp #1088, original metalflake - looking for official color name.
Frame: 1966 VW
Engine: 1500cc VW
History: The car was bought from my Father in 1971 from an Italian man that come from Africa (Lybia!!!) To Rome driving!!!! This man bought the Imp Kit and build it in Africa, and drove the Imp to go in honeymoon in Ciad! The imp , is all original (seats, wheel sprint star, steering Wheel EMPI GT etc).
Status: On the road.
Serial #1222 - Alex Surra, Ronks, PA
Body: 1969 EMPI Imp #1222, yellow with soft top.
Frame: 1965 VW
Engine: 1600cc DP VW
History: Southern PA VW Club
History: I found one a year prior, and fell in love with them, but I had no money at that time. A year later I found one on eBay and I had to have it, so I drove from 10:30 until like 2:30 am, slept in Western PA for a few hours, then I drove the rest of the way to Ohio, and towed it back the next day. A long trip in less than 48 hours, but it was worth it, male bonding with my dad, and I got my dream car.
Status: Being inspected currently
AOL IM: vdubhippy
Contact/MSN IM:
Serial #1309 - Doug Timberlake, New Salisbury, Indiana
Body: 1969 EMPI Imp #1309, originally mettalic red, now marroon and silver with side pods from Unique Supply. Bikini topp and chromed EMPI Imp emblems.
Frame: 1969 Frame
Engine: 1600 with Engle 110 cam and dual baby Webers.
Status: Finished in May '07 and burning up the roads!
Serial #1319 - Jerry Cox, Central Indiana
Body: 1969 EMPI Imp #1319, originally orange, but now yellow with emblems.
Frame: 1960? Frame
Engine: 1974 1641cc Dual Port with dual Kadrons.
Status: Fully restored.
Clubs: Midwest Dune Buggy Club
Link: Imp #1319
Serial #1370
Body: 1969 EMPI Imp #1370, Original color was blue, but was repainted a different shade of blue.
Frame: 1969 VW Frame
Engine: 1600cc
Status: Recently sold.
Previous Owner: Jill Tracy, Florida Old Link
EMPI Imp #1337, Richard Brown, Slidell, LA
Body: 1969 EMPI Imp #1337 NOS, brilliant red metal flake
Status: Complete kit in the box.
EMPI Imp #1389, Richard Brown, Slidell, LA
Body: 1969 EMPI Imp #1389, Gold Fiesta Metal Flake, original seats, Landau top, side curtains
Status: Possibly undergoing restoration.
Serial #1431 - Digger owned by Wendy Fischer, NM
Body: 1969 EMPI Imp #1432, Purple
Frame: 1969 Frame
Status: Daily driver.
Story: Digger was sitting in the shop of a car dealership I was working at. Took about 3 months to talk my husband into buying he has his own buggy!!!
Serial #1480 - Raymond Zingg
No image available
Body: 1969 EMPI Imp #1480, Originally Non-metallic Orange, Now Metallic Blue
Frame: 1967 Frame
Engine: 1600cc Dual Port
Status: Currently getting the ground up treatment.
Serial #1490 - Bob Ochsman, Northern Virginia
Body: 1969 EMPI Imp #1490, bright red (originally gold metal flake).
Frame: 1960 VW Pan, CB 2.5" lowered spindles and adjusters on the front beam.
Engine: Stock 1600 dual port with megadual exhaust.
Status: On the road thanks to help from his son, Corey.
Link: EMPI Imp 1490
Serial #1495 - John Unkle, Hagerstown, MD
Body: 1969 EMPI Imp #1495
Frame: 1964 VW Beetle Frame
Engine: 1600cc Dual Port
Status: It IS going back together!
Link: Unofficial EMPI Imp Club of America
1968 or 1969 EMPI Imps
Scott Postmus, MI
Awaiting Picture
Body: Pre-1970 EMPI Imp, yellow.
Status: On road and in the sand!
Contact: scott_postmus at
Bill Moore/Brenda Jordan, Spokane, WA
Body: Pre-1970 EMPI Imp, original solid green, repainted same green, now yellow.
Frame: 1948 VW Pan, upgraded from cable brakes, mounted with elevator bolts
Engine: 40 HP VW, with early stroker kit
Status: On road, runs good, looks good.
Link: EMPI Imp
Robert McKenna, Palm Coast, FL
Body: EMPI Imp, original yellow, now multi-color metallic, no options
Frame: 1972 VW Pan
Engine: 1600 high performance VW, type 3 blower
Status: On road
Randy, Cambridge, ON
Body: 1969 EMPI Imp # Unknown, red but soon to be yellow. Originally red metal flake.
Frame: 1965 VW Beetle
Engine: 1973 1835cc VW
Status: Currently undergoing complete restoration.
Link: EMPI Imp
Paul O. Thomas, Johnstown, PA
Body: Early EMPI Imp, red.
Frame: Titled as a 1967 VW, but the pan is an earlier Type I.
Engine: 1641cc VW
Status: On the road.
Bruce Clark, Sacramento, CA
Body: Pre-1970 EMPI Imp, Gold Fiesta Metal Flake gel coat. It has the nose emblem, black, "wrinkle" finish dash, molded in battery compartment, and an old soft top.
Frame: 1960 VW Beetle mounted with elevator bolts
Engine: Haven't decided, but leaning toward 1700 or 1800 dual port. Bus transaxle.
Status: Today, it rolls, but the engine is sitting on the ground. It hasn't been licensed since 1971. Just been sitting in the backyard.
Clubs: Don't belong, but this is the first step.
Link: EMPI Imp
Loic, Paris, France
Body: 1969 EMPI Imp
Frame: Disk brakes on the front.
Engine: Type 3 engine.
Status: It probably won't see the road before years 'cause of the work on it. It's in pieces. So it's stocked in a box 350km away.
Link: EMPI Imp
Owner unknown
No image available
Body: Pre-1970 EMPI Imp
Frame: 1973 IRS frame & chasis. The previous owner had taken out 2 of the spring plates in the front beam in a attempt to lower the front which made for a bumpy ride at high speed.
Front Tire: Generals 165-15 on 7" wide four lugs chrome five stars.
Rear Tire: Goodyear Eagle rears 245-50 on 15x10 four lug chrome five star rims from Fisher Buggies that the chrome pealed off less than a year but I had them refinished.
Status: Winner of the Manx Club "Buggy of the Month" for May, 2000
Previous Owner: Bryant Johnson, Mulberry Florida
Don, Silver Lake, Michigan
Body: Pre-1970 EMPI Imp
Frame: Lighted frame with adjustable aluminum front beam and full roll cage.
Wheels: Competition cut Desert Trak 14.50 rear.
Status: Ready for Test Hill.
Brian Williams, Castro Valley, CA
No image available
Body: Pre-1970 EMPI Imp, metal flake red (original), front EMPI Imp emblem, chrome tailights, and a complete Bahimi fold down top with side curtains.
Frame: 1967 VW
Engine: 1776 with port and polished heads and dual Dellardo 36's
Status: Waiting to be restored.
Phone: (510) 881-8520
Steve with "Suicide Ride", GA
Body: 1969 Imp Dragster (6.9 Second 1/8 Mile and 10 flats in 1/4 Mile), jet black w/chrome lip around edge of body (originally solid yellow)
Frame: 63 VW Pan, weld-in adjusters w/beam shims, full roll cage w/5 pt. harness
Engine: 2332cc Scatt engine complete w/duel 48 IDA's and split-port heads
Transaxle: 67 Swingaxle w/4.12 Ring and Pinion, swayaway axles
Wheels: 7" Douglas .125 aluminium rear w/ 8.5" slicks and 4" Douglas w/4" Firestone skinnies front, JCS aluminium spool.
Status: For sale.
Jeremy - Michigan
Body: 1969 EMPI Imp, original metal flake green, front EMPI Imp emblem, soft top.
Engine: 1776 cc, .041 heads, single 40 weber, .009 distributer
Wheels: Aluminum Mitchell wheels, and Desert Trak sand tires
Status: This Imp was for sale and was bought by Jeremy in Michigan for a street toy.
Link: Jeremy's Site devoted to his Imp.
Previous Owners: The McMillians.
Dave Lance, Dover, FL
Body: 1969 EMPI Imp, recently painted Orange with pearl gloss coat.
1970 EMPI Imps
Serial #2022 - Robert Conner, Bishopville, MD
Body: 1970 EMPI Imp #2022, Originally Metallic Purple, now Metallic Blue with hard top, side panels, rear panel and engine cover.
Frame: 1963 VW
Engine: 1400cc
Status: FOR SALE! Call Robert at 410-289-4215 for details. Runs and is tagged, but needs to be rebuilt to be in tip top shape.
Link: EMPI Imp #2022
Serial #2026 - Unknown Owner
Body: 1970 EMPI Imp #2026, green.
Status: Sold the week of 6/2/2002.
Previous Owner:
Serial #2058 - David Hazzard, Pennsylvania
Body: 1970 EMPI Imp #2058, Original Blue
Frame: 1963 VW Beetle Frame, secured with elevator bolts
Engine: 1600 VW with modifications
Status: On the road.
Link: EMPI Imp #2058
Serial #2066 - Paul Kenny, CA
Imp #2066
Body: 1970 EMPI Imp Gran Sport #2066, color: Cold Fire. The Artwork on the Engine Cover of the Deano Dinosaur was done by Richard McPeak. Richard was the Original Artist for the Deano Dynosoars Catalog and Deano Dinosaur itself. He was also the Pin Stripper for Empi for most of their Race Cars. The other signatures on the engine cover are from some Racers you might have heard of such as: Les Leston (Lightning Bug), Richard Gurino (Inch Pincher III) and Bruce Meyers (Meyers Manx).
Frame: 1970 VW pan.
Engine: Deano Dynosoar 1700 with Deano Cylinders, Valves, Valve Covers, Oil Pump, 40 DCN Carburetors and Linkage. Also the coveted Empi Pulley Guard.
Status: Done and on the road.
Serial #2084 - John Shepard, Vienna, West Virginia
Body: 1970 EMPI Imp Deluxe #2084, Original Goldish Silver Metal Flake.
Frame: Need 1970 chassis to cut up
Engine: Need 2 liter to be built
Status: Still strapped in the truck, but headed for the storage building until the garage gets built.
Clubs: Founding an East Coast Dune Buggy Club, email me for more information
Link: Separate Web page to document the trip and the purchase of the Imp is in progress. It will be called "mission IMP possible". URL coming soon. Until then: Dune Buggy Archives
Owner Unknown
No image available
Body: 1970 EMPI Imp Super Sport, Gold & Rust with side pods and engine cover
Frame: 1969 VW Pan
Engine: 1600 Dual Port (defunct)
Status: In pieces
Link: EMPI Imp
Previous owner: Ron Woodall, Oxford-on-Rideau, Ontario, Canada
Dave Grummett, Thunder Bay, ON
Body: 1970 EMPI Imp, original orange, now metallic purple
Frame: 1957 VW Pan
Engine: Type IV 2000 VW, progressive two barrel Holley carburetor and hydraulic lifters
Status: On the road and FOR SALE! (At the right price)
Link: EMPI Imp
Non-Serialized - a Buddhist Monk or Flat Four
Body: 1970 EMPI Imp Super Sport Non-Serialized, Originally Gold Metal flake, now Orange Metal flake with side pods and engine cover
Frame: Adjustable beam, chrome EMPI shocks, EMPI Sprint Stars w/EMPI lug bolts
Engine: High output 1678cc with EMPI 88 mm pistons and barrels, EMPI valve covers, EMPI Ram Induction kit, EMPI engine dress-up kit, and EMPI Imp headers
Status: It is presently in Japan. It was sold by Paul Kenny to a Buddhist monk to drive back and forth from temple to town. Flat Four, Paul's told, recently bought it back to put in their museum with all of their other EMPI cars.
Link: See the July 1998 edition of Dune Buggies and Hot VW's
Non-Serialized - Tom Slider
Body: 1970 EMPI Imp Non-Serialized proudly wearing the original yellow gel coat.
Frame: 1966 Beetle floor pan. Lowered ball joint beam. Transaxle features a Super Diff, HD engine mounts, trans straps, and Gene Berg shifter. Currently running stock smoothie wheels(4" wide) in front and 7" wide smoothies for the rear, all with stock '65 and earlier Bug hubcaps. The tires are 165SR15s and 255/60R15s.
Engine: Currently running a mild 1192 cc 40 hp engine. It features a Bosch 019 distributor, TriMil header, K&N air cleaner, Bosch Blue Coil, remote oil cooler (in addition to stock one), remote oil filter, heavy duty oil pump, and Motorola 12V alternator. Also have a 2786 cc Type 4 in the works with electronic fuel injection, electronic ignition, and a lot of special work.
Status: On the road and seeing duty as a daily driver.
Home Page: EMPI Imp Homepage
Link: The story of Tom's Imp

Mark Akalewicz, Toms River, New Jersey

Body: 1970 EMPI Imp, metal flake blue (same as original).
Frame: 1957 VW Beetle with 1967 Beetle components, mounted with elevator bolts, stainless steel roll-bar from Bruce & Winnie Meyers. Options include the original EMPI hood tach, EMPI shifter, gas filler cap. It also has EMPI seat belts and a USA/EMPI license plate frame. It sits on a 57 frame.
Engine: It has a 1600 dual port engine that's all chromed out
Tires: Mickey Thompson Baja Belted rear, original poly-glass tires up front.
Status: It is currently on the road (the picture I sent is the only time you'll see it on a trailer).
Clubs: Galloping Hill Cruisers Car Club
Link: EMPI Imp
Contact: Mark
Previous Owners: Josh, Delaware
Chris, Jefferson City, MS
No image available
Body: EMPI Imp, originally yellow, now with some purple.
Frame: VW Beetle frame and transaxle.
Status: For sale. Call 573-659-9872 for details from Chris.
Mike Nolte, Lindsay, Ontario, Canada
Body: 1970 EMPI Imp, Green metal flake (original ) with a black rubber turtle shell patter, unfortunately it was rubbed off most of the main body before I got it 12-13 years ago, looking into getting the shell pattern restored. Both front mounted mirrors, lights, signals, hood tachometer (stolen), convertible top, custom bumpers, bracing for rear seats, no emblems (looking), EMPI trigger shifter, tilt steering, lowered front beam, etc.
Frame: 1966 VW Beetle
Engine: 2 1641's with some tricks like EMPI FOSR Chromoly 1:4 ratio rockers, Crane fireball cam with EMPI gear, Holly 2brl Bugspray carburetor, chrome mega dual exhaust, and more.
Status: On road in summer but only when time permits.
Club: Niagara Volks Folks
Jamie Seymore, Laurel, MD
Body: EMPI Imp 1970 metal flake pink/purple with side pods from Unique Supply (plan to have them glassed on).
Frame: 1958 VW
Engine: 1600 VW converted from a type 3.
Transaxle: 1966 tranny.
Status: About 75% done. Left to do: get the body painted and wire it. I found it in the paper for sale. It came with the engine, chassis and body, but all in awful condition.
Club: Yahoo Imp Club
Yahoo IM: studleyjay126
Eric Clayton, Middleburg, FL
Body: EMPI Imp 1970 originally orange, now white and gray metal flake.
Frame: 1959 VW link pin/swing axle
Engine: 2180cc. C-95 Cam, 44 Magnum Plus heads, dual 44 Weber carbs, Full flow oil and filtered, chromed out.
Status: Not a show buggy, but LOTS of fun. It has 4 point cage, front/rear bumpers, 93 Honda Accord seats, built it from basket-case 1.5 years ago. Many, many hours of body work. Did all the work myself. Everything brake related replaced, all wheel bearings, tie rods, shocks, dampner, solid motor/tranny mounts, lights, wiring harness, all cables, windshield, new tranny, shift-tach, switches. Found it on, and bought it with cash I had saved for an engagement ring for my wife. Had to finance the ring, and propose to her in it when I showed it to her, or I would have been in trouble.
Erik Life, WA
Body: EMPI Imp 1970 silver with side pods and engine cover.
Frame: 1961 VW
Engine: 2 Liter Berg.
Status: Being assembled. Found it on the samba and it was nos, want to find a hartop.
Steve Gutierrez
No image available
Body: EMPI Imp, original buggy seats, bullet signal light assy.
Engine: Dual Weber IDAs, full engine blueprint, balanced, race ready, external oil cooler, and upgraded oil pump.
Wheels: Original EMPI Sprintstar crome rims, 6x15 front and 7x15 rear (rims were offset).
Mike Goodson, Rock Hill, SC
Body: 1970 EMPI Imp, originally red, soon to be hugger orange base with a pearl clear coat.
Frame: 1955 VW. The windshield has been chopped 4 inches and raked back to fit a manx style hardtop.
Engine: A new 1835 engine, dual Webers, 044 heads and Engle 140 cam.
Status: A friend's dad gave me the buggy which had been sitting in a kudzu patch since 1980. It was full of holes, and the pan was toast. The car should be on the road by Fall 2005.
Tracy McCullough, SC
Body: 1970 EMPI Imp, originally metallic green, but has been repainted green.
Frame: Unknown
Engine: Engine mods include twin carbs, custom built exhaust by muffler masters, on a 1776.
Status: He bought it from a friend of his, and has had it 4 years. The car has never be taken apart. Its on the road now.
Clubs: He plans on becoming a member of the MVWE, a local vw club.
Steven Van Schoor (Belgium/Winter Haven, FL)
Body: 1970 EMPI Imp Grand Sportster, silver originally when found, but recently orange with white side pods.
Frame: 1961
Engine: 1641cc with dual 44 Solex's.
Link: Home page for Steven's Imp
Status: Stored till he moves to Florida but it's been driven around the block occasionally.
Dune Buggies Modeled After Imps
Gene A. Jestus, Big Lake, MN
Body: EMPI Imp # Unknown, Originally metal flake green. Soon to be metal flake blue.
Frame: VW 1961 Pan. Would like to add front adjusters this year to lighten up the pre-load. Rear air shocks and will be adding adjustable spring plates this year.
Front Tire: Mastercraft Avenger GT P265/50R15 on Centerline Drag Rims 15x6 (no adapters)
Rear Tire: Mastercraft Avenger GT P205/50R15 Centerline drag rims 15x8.5 (no adapters)
Engine: Std VW 1600 with lots of chrome
Status: Will be back on the road in refinished condition in the Spring.
New Imps produced by Unique Supply
Micah Huerta
Body: New Imp now painted.
Status: For sale: $1500 or trade for a pre 67 Bug in decent condition.
Unregistered but located Imps

  I met a new Imp owner at Silver Lake in Michigan on August 8, 1998 at the State Park entrance. I am waiting for him to contact me.
  Also at Silver Lake in the sand dunes, we spotted a white Imp with hand prints painted all over it. I did not get a change to talk to the owner, so if you see this Imp, please pass on the registry information to them!
Jon's Imp
Sent in by John, this buggy belongs to Jon Knoll of Columbus Ohio. He is a member of Central Ohio Vintage Volkswagen Club. John is trying to contact him and to get more information.
IMP Wolfsburg Museum book John has been busy. Just a cool one with side pods from a guy in Sweden. Brochure photo? Not exactly. This is a photo from the Wolfsburg Museum book. That Imp is actually on display in Germany today and is the only dune buggy allowed in the museum. It got there because it was on display at the 1970 Frankfurt auto show. It was such a gorgeous car that Volkswagen bought it from EMPI for the museum. - Rich (
Purple Imp This Purple Imp is another entry from John.
  Zen Hendricks writes: I have located an Imp in Kensington, GA. The owner doesn't want to sell it, but has no idea of what he has (he describes it as "an old dune buggy"). It is green and from what I saw when it was sitting in the weeds, complete and in very nice condition. It even has the EMPI Imp badge on the front and it looks like it's new. He has put it back on the chassis and has it stored in his garage now, so I will have to catch him at home to get his name (William, but I don't know his last name), the # and possibly a picture.
  Terry Eason - EMPI Imp #1415. - Has his Imp and Thing posted on the web. - Posted a message to a bulletin board regarding his Imp.
  Heather Burkett - EMPI Imp
  Imp owner from Ohio (?) that Paul Moran met the night before the Michigan Buggy Builder show in 2001 at the X-treme Offroad hospitality suite.

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