DATE: Fri, 17 Nov 2000 16:55:58
To: <>

i'm sending this message from france,and i think that i'm probably one of the rare guy to get an imp buggy in this country if i refere to vw magazine where this vehicle is always forget in specials articles about buggy.So,i found your page without really searching it so i promise to write you again and give more information on my bug' .It probably won't see the road before years 'cause of the work on it(it's in pieces,frame on one side,type 3 engine on an other...).The paper of the vehicle said(if my memory is good because i didn't get it at my work) that it was built in1969, and my father bought it in 1980 aproximatly.After a broken connecting rod,he change the engine,make a new paint and it ran perhaps one or two years(i was 8 years old so ididn't remember very well),than the second hand engine broke again.he found a type 3 from a variant in germany whith the gearbox, start to disassembly the bug', and for long years :nothing.Then he gave it to me;I start to work on the frame (holes of rust on the floorpanels) and then i move on Paris where i can't work on it because i didn't get enough place to do.So it's stocked in a box 350km away .I'll try to send you more informations on it and perhap's some pictures of the body to identify the serie.    loic