Serial # Unknown - Mark Akalewicz, Tom's River, NJ

Mark purchased the Imp from Josh.  More to come later...

Previous Owner: Josh, Delaware

I'm currently restoring what I believe to be a 1970 Imp (No I.D. plate) metal flake blue. It has the elevator bolts you mentioned and was in an unspeakable condition when found [cornfield off of Route 15 Clayton, Delaware].

I talked the farmer into letting me take this "Hunk O Junk" home where it would be used as parts. $150 bucks exchanged hands and here I am with a few questions.

It does in fact say "EMPI" on the front as well as the section under the hood. Most of the components used came from a 1967 Beetle although the pan itself is a '57. There is a spot for a tachometer on the hood and a sectioned rear seating area. Unfortunately no roll bar or Imp badges. I have taken it all apart and am now slowly putting it all back together!!! (This is where you come in). I need that chrome roll bar and some kind of badge so that people will stop asking me "What the hell is that thing?". Nobody out here in Delaware has a clue!!! I only want to bring justice back to this forgotten peace of Americana and, with your help, we've got one less wounded solder!!! EMPI! EMPI! EMPI! EMPI! Lacking the "Imp-fo"

---------- JOSH-----------------

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