Mid West & East Coast Buggy Get Together

Attendee List

EMPI Imp # Unknown - Randy, Cambridge, ON

I found this buggy covered in snow and garbage behind a repair shop I was visiting for my mom. After tracking down the owner I found out it has a 1965 frame and a 1973 1835 engine. I had no idea what it was when I bought it. Only after I removed the hood did I find the EMPI name. The buggy has not been used for several years. The floor is rusted through and has hundreds of holes drilled in the body for different tops it has had over the years. Rough shape for sure but I only paid $150.00 CDN for it. At this point my buggy is being rebuilt. I am almost ready to put the transmission back in the frame after making a new floor and rebuilding the whole frame. The fiberglass body has been sanded down to the gel coat. This buggy was faded red when I got it but was red metalflake originally. I plan to paint it Yellow.

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