Deb & Paul's EMPI Imp #1002

Here is a recent photo of our Imp on the beach at Silver Lake, Michigan in full sand attire. (Picture by Jerry Despaltro)

Taking a leap in the buggy at Silver Lake.

EJ20TT Radiator Pictures
65 VW Frame, 69 EMPI IMP body, 74 VW 1600 dual port engine.

August, 1998: Imp #1002

May, 1998: EMPI Imp

Serial #1002 Plate: EMPI Imp

1969 EMPI IMP Body - Serial #1002

Front of the Body

1965 VW Beetle Frame

Front of the frame
Old and new floor pans

1974 VW Bettle Engine - 1600cc Dual Port with Cannons

Short sound clip of the engine
Even shorter sound clip of the engine
Left side of the engine
Right side of the engine

Restoration process steps completed:

Remove body from frame.
Remove the floor pans.
Remove wiring harness
Change oil.
Rebuild distributor (by Lou).
Start engine up.
Rebuild carburetor.
Strip paint from body.
Strengthen frame where it was shortened.
Weld floor pans into place.
Sandblast frame.
Strip paint off body.
Paint frame.
Clean transaxle.
Fill holes in body.
Change transaxle oil.
Redo brakes.
Prime body.
Put body on frame.
Build steering column.
Install wiring.
Install seatbelts.
Mounted license plate.
Stop transaxle from leaking.
Paint body.
Reinstall seats.
Install roll bar.
Relocate gas cap to center of hood (weld tank, etc.).
Install new headlights.
Install new front turn signals (motorcycle style).
Install rear brake lights - mid-60 Bug lights.
Fix engine problems.

Steps to still be completed:

Mount new tires on wheels.
Mount wheels.
Install chrome rear brake lights - mid-60 Bug lights.

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