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Non-serialized - Bruce Clark, Sacramento, CA

A friend in my dirt bike club knew I was looking for a dune buggy that would go off-road and be licensed for the street. Said he had one that needed a lot of work and emailed me a picture of this one. After seeing the picture, my son (he's the youngster on the ground) and I looked at it and bought it. And so...the project begins.

We're going to take it apart, get the chassis powder coated, then build it with all new parts. The only old parts will be the chassis and the body. I have a lot of questions to ask anyone that has rebuilt an IMP, so please email me.

Any information is welcome.


September 9, 1999

Pulled the nose off the IMP and found the EMPI logo molded in. I was happy to see that since there is no number plate. Don't know if I told you, but the number plate was never there, no holes were ever drilled. Could it be that early IMPS had no plate? (ed. Some Imps were manufactured for resale by other companies. Those Imps did not have serial numbers.)

The paint is original Gel coat. The color is something like Copper metal flake. Took some more pictures, but you're right, under the flash it looks faded red. Under the nose where the sun doesn't shine, it's gold or copper, very smooth and very shiny after I wiped it down. It's amazing what the sun and weather can do.

Brandon and I started the slow dismantling process right after the 49ers beat New Orleans. Got the old wheels off, the nose off, cut all the wiring out, and took pictures of all the fiberglass to frame to mounts so I will know how to put it back together again.

I talked to the guy I bought it from and he told me he knows the original owner. He's going to talk to his dad who bought it from the original owner and see if they can fill in a little history, find some of the books and instructions, and see if there is a serial number somewhere.

As soon as the pictures come back, we'll pull the body. After that, I'll be able to better describe the bus trans mounting.

Gotta love the hobbies!!!!

See you,

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