Mid West & East Coast Buggy Get Together

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Serial #689 - - Steve King, Spartanburg, SC

Update 2020-03-04 - Stephanie King Witz on Facebook is trying to find her father, Steve's, original Imp to buy it. If you come across it, please let her know.

Hi from Steve King in Spartanburg, SC. I have restored a 1968 imp. It was originally metal flake green, now metal flake blue due to sun. I found it in a barn with only 1000 miles since 1980. I was trying to find out if it could have been a factory built unit? This is due to the dash has all EMPI Swedish gauges, steering wheel is wood with the EMPI logo, the wheels are factory skinny front and wide rear. Serial # 689. I contacted EMPI before I had a computer. They had no information for me. It seems there were only 1000 or so of my year model. No one in South Carolina has seen one like it!

  Imp #689

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