Serial #374 or #1211 - Hermann Heigl, Panama City, Munich, Germany

Sorry, at repainting job I've lose the plate but in my title stand EMPI body # 0374. Can this be true? First custom documents are from 02-feb-69 (zoll bremerhaven). Runs 2 years on a US Army in Germany license plate. Have a second number 1211 but think it was the number of the license plate that was issued.

Story of my Imp:

My father buy's it in 1972 from a US Army Man in Bad Toelz, Bavaria, Germany. After a lot of trouble to get it legal on German streets, it was ready in 73 to drive with German plates. In 1985 my father gives me the bug as a birthday gift at the time with only 1200 and 34 hp and drum brakes around. In 1990 I've build it new with not one old part except the EMPI body. I'll drive it only on hot summer days or to meetings (Austria, Swiss, and Italy).

Update August, 2000:

(ed. Hermann's pictures have disappeared...)

On picture 246 you can see the place for the missing imp logo , above the NC
beach buggy plate  and the using of original VW gas tank (German law
prohibits using of non tested gas tanks such as EMPI imp tank) but I see
an other US Imp with same gas tank solution on register.

After I blow the 2.o l cu engine, I go back and mount my old 1600 engine.

License plate M-07594 special old-timer registration in one row US format
on back plate (extremely rare format !!)
License plate N.C. Beach Buggy Association. A grab from eBay...

next plans :

rebuilding the 2.o l CU ,  replace the old wiring, new roof and and
seats and carpet, planning to mount Porsche Fuchs rims (chrome finish).

NEED A PAIR OF EMPI "USA" License Plate Chrome Frames - can any body help.


Greetings from the only euro imp owner on list,


PS. Will be finished my working on the German imp history soon!  Karman has
imported from 1968 to 1970 only 10 orig. Imps to Europe. They gone to
handpicked VW dealers as a Bonus!!! The imps are imported as kits and
build in Karman Home Autohaus South Hanover (this is the home of Karman. Factory is in Osanbrueck!!) to match German laws and get a prototype
title to make it possible to register the kit .
after 1970 they sold about 200 !! kits around Europe price was 1970
$3.500 but in 1971 came various other firms (albar, pcs, manx) with kits
under $2.000 this was the end of the euro IMP. 1972 Karman produce a own
beach buggy (the ugliest ever !!) for a kit price of $1999 but available
at each VW dealer the buggy was not sold well and the stopped the
production 1974- rest kits where available to 1980 !!

1990 a new law prohibits the production/import of beach buggies and other
kit cars. Emissions, crash tests, minimum series 100 cars this makes the making
of such fun cars nearby impossible.

Only a few are on the road ....

My imp was one of the first 10 prototype imps (only different is in title
row Manufacturer stands : AUTOHAUS SOUTH HANOVER )


81477 Munich
fon/fax- +4989782395

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