Mid West & East Coast Buggy Get Together

Attendee List

EMPI Imp #1490 - Bob Ochsman

Engines: I've had at least 4 in there. Current is stock 1600

Status: In pieces. Probably will rewire. I'm going to try to bring back the original finish. The gold metal flake is 100% funky. Actually, the finish is quite good for most of it, but too much outdoor exposure seems to have badly faded and clouded large areas. Any ideas on steps to refinish?

Bought it myself new in '69 while working on my Ph.D. at Johns Hopkins! Have the Ph.D. and still have the car. Problem I have is that they gave me the parts kit that goes with the 70 body (newer tail lights, etc) and some parts like the dash brace and windshield have never fit quite right and I don't know if it's just bad quality control in manufacture or whether there really was a difference in these parts between the 69 and 70 stuff. Anybody know?

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