Mid West & East Coast Buggy Get Together

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EMPI Imp #1370 - Jill Tracy, Naples, Florida

December 6, 1999

My name is Jill Tracy from Naples, Florida. 941-592-0074

My husband just bought me a 1969 EMPI Imp # 1370. And I'm in love !!!! It's the greatest little car!! I drive it daily, and I'd like to Register it in your wonderful website.


I live in a city full of Lexus, Cadillacs, Land Rovers, BMW, and Mercedes. I feel different is better. I'm a leader, not a follower. Who knows, I might have started a new trend in my stuffy town. I can also give credit to the Speed Buggy Character which also boosted my love for the Buggy!!!

It started about 4 months ago when I went to my first VW show. Not knowing a thing about VW's or buggies, for that matter, I started an intense search via internet, and Vintage Car shopping. I made numerous inquiries, and went so far as to e mail over 50 car dealerships all over Florida to help me search for a Dune Buggy.

At the second show I attended, I saw the same Buggy for sale. I think it was fate. Now my "like" for my Buggy has turned into a real "love" affair, and I want nothing but the best for it !!!

I drive it daily, and add pieces parts as money allows. It's strange, I know find myself wanting to do extra jobs, evenings, and weekends, I wonder why???!!!

I still keep in touch with the previous owner, which still gives me advice and walks me through the infamous VW engine mechanics!!! I'm learning and getting greasy along with my husband, so I too can enjoy not only the satisfaction of driving down the road, but the hands on satisfaction of actually knowing what I'm driving, what really makes it tick, literally!!!

I guess I can also give credit to my son for me making such a wonderful decision. It's a "family thing". Not a 2 seater, or a machine that is unsafe for children, but something they get a kick out of too!!! My son is 5 and is the talk of his kindergarten class when he gets dropped off and picked up in a dune buggy!!!

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