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EMPI Imp #1319
Jerry Cox, Central Indiana

September 12, 1999

Well didn't I know anything about EMPI 2 weeks ago. I'm been retired from Cinergy electric for about three years and like to have a winter project and this is it. I looked at a buggy in my home town the guy wanted $3000 for it and it needed a lot of little things redone. So I asked around. I didn't want to start from scratch.

I found my EMPI in the back of a garage with junk piled on it. It is complete but someone was into roll bars. They cut 4 4" holes in the body for the bars. It also had large tail lights (look like maybe Ford) these holes are 4' X 10". In the back seat they have cut the seat and hinged it to get to the motor I guess. It doesn't look to bad but I'm going to fix that also.

The hood has the gas fill in the center but someone changed gas tanks and cut a new hole in the front left 4" X 8". So as you can see I've got a lot of fiber glassing to do. I've done some repair to boats and things but nothing that requires this kind finish so if your not to busy. It also has a lot of little holes 1/8" some up 3/4".

I went to a club show in Bedford and saw several buggy with repairs and was not very impressed. Lots of paint cracking and I don't want that if I can avoid it so any suggestions or instructions would be appreciated.

The running gears: Motor is 74 and seems to be good. I couldn't drive it because it didn't have any brakes. Someone had pried the brake backing plate out to get parts out of drum rather than take the wheel off. I was in process of replacing the brakes and discovered the front spindles were bent so I'm having news ones built. The steer box was also shot and that had to be replaced. The floor pans are rusted out where they were welded together. I'm going to try to have all this work done by winter and work on the body in cold weather.

I'm going to need seats and carpet and and and so any ideas will help.

I don't know how good a member of a club I would be but would enjoy comparing and talking. My wife likes the idea of taking Sunday afternoon drives. We are pretty rural with lots of pretty country roads.

I don't have a picture yet but will try to get one and forward it to you when I can. I also saw your instruction book on how to put one of these things together and can't wait to see the rest.

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