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The Jefferson Street Bed Bugs

The 1999 bed additions are still under construction...

The 1998 Best Decoration Winner


Marty's Delorien from Back to the Future built by Jefferson Street Bed Bugs

Cast of Characters:
Cassie Chuck Dan
Cassie as Jennifer, Marty's girlfriend Chuck as Biff Dan as the 3-D Glasses Guy
Deb Joey Nathan
Deb as Lorraine Baine, George's girlfriend Joey as Marty McFly (Driver too!) Nathan as Baby Joey
Patty Paul Cyd
Patty as the Clock Tower Woman Paul as George Cyd as Dr. Brown
Mr. Peterson John
Builders: Mr. Peterson John Jeff

Rob as the Libian Terrorist

Build duration: 2 weeks


  • Lindsey


Bed Garry, Larry, and Chad

The 1997 Decoration Winner


Elvis Presley's Mother's 1959 Pink Cadillac built by Jefferson Street Bed Bugs

  • Andrea, Dan, Deb, Joey, John, Kevin, Lindsey, Patty, Paul, Scott, and Tom
  • Build duration: 2 weeks


  • Lana


  • John, Paul, and Scott

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