John's Ice Sculpture

This magnificent Ice Sculpture is located on Summit Avenue in Winfield, Il. 

Pictures from 2004 - New this year are the red and green lights!


John's Ice Sculpture from 2000
It has grown to a high of over 15 foot.


closeupice.jpg (19523 bytes) ice2000b.jpg (12316 bytes) ice2000o.jpg (14373 bytes) Rock Climbing - no Ice climbing in Winfield!
ice2000d.jpg (13978 bytes) What a back drop! ice2000j.jpg (19715 bytes) ice2000e.jpg (12364 bytes)
ice2000i.jpg (21573 bytes) ice2000n.jpg (14424 bytes) Hugs for ice sculptures? ice2000c.jpg (9446 bytes)
Wall of ice... ice2000m.jpg (20251 bytes) ice2000f.jpg (19510 bytes) 15' high...
ice2000g.jpg (14979 bytes) ice2000h.jpg (22829 bytes) I'm melting! ice2000l.jpg (19734 bytes)

John first built a base for the ice to grow on by piling garbage cans, pallets and 10 foot 6 inch poles together.  Then he let a fine mist of well water spray down to form the structure.  It resembles a giant outdoor stalagmite.

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