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Silver Lake '99 Vacation

Family photo from Thanksgiving 1998 - Winfield, IL


Highlights from the weekend

  • Built and painted the computer table in the family room and installed the Peletis garage door opener.
  • Visited many restaurants - Taylor Street Brewery, BD's Mongolian BBQ, Walter Patten's Roundhouse.
  • Installed a fan only switch in the garage furnace.
  • Chris took her first steps without crutches since her accident in August.
  • Hung up our Christmas lights for the first time.
  • Watched Face Off.
  • Enjoyed cheese fondue at the Moran house.

No kids, but we do have 2 cats, a horse and a goose.

Some of our favorite sayings from Trung Nguyen:

  • In the Chicago River locks: "Look, someone is drinking up all the water!"


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