Corner Cabinet
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Our Beautiful Corner Cabinet

  Custom designed and hand crafted by Douglas Lundy, our dad, to display our beautiful wedding gifts that we cherish. It has plenty of room underneath for storage of heirloom china from the Lundy and Gerstung sides of the family. You may not believe it, but the cabinet is 8 feet tall. It was built in Webster, NY and transported in the Dodge Caravan in many pieces for final assembly in Winfield.  
  The 2 glass doors are each surrounded on three sides by an oak frame to give the appearance of a large picture window with an  invisible seam down the front.  Push button latches allow the doors to be opened without the need for knobs or handles on the front.

A full glass shelf adorns the top level  while a half shelf in the middle allows candles and flowers increases the 3-D effect.

Halogen lights flush mounted in the top glisten down through the glass shelves to create a brilliant sparkle on the crystal.

Chris, our mom, created the silk flower arrangement in a basket that offsets the top of the cabinet.

Not shown in this picture is a third shelf in the bottom section for added storage.


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