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Brachial Plexopathy and TOS

This page is dedicated to information regarding Brachial Plexopathy and its related syndromes such as Thoracic Outlet Syndrome (TOS).

Here are some related sites:

Brachial Plexus Commentary

Erb's Palsy - Brachial Plexus Resources

Here are some doctors:

  • Dr. Julia Terzis - Norfolk, Virginia
  • Dr. A Lee Dellon - Baltimore, Maryland

Our case against Rush Prudential HMO

Rush Prudential HMO continue to refuse to pay for the surgery under the argument that the surgery was "not medically necessary".  We disagree.  We beat Rush at the Seventh Circuit Court but they are currently appealing the decision to the Supreme Court.  

See the following case: Moran, Debra C. and the State of Illinois V. Rush Prudential HMO

Our fight for the Patient Bill of Rights

Deb received the Volunteer of the Year award in 1999 from the Campaign for Better Health Care for her work on the Patient Bill of Rights to fight HMOs.

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