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Good Old Days Bed Races 2001


Saturday, September 8, 2001

"Winfield Bed Races are forever the coolest part of Good Old Days!"

Once again this year, the Bed Races were another huge success. With an obstacle course format and the theme of delivering donuts, 14 teams with 52 participants raced on ready to roll beds and proved that community spirit is still alive in Winfield. Teams raced around the corner of Beecher and Church St. spelling out a sentence with donuts, milking "Bed E. Racer" the 1st Place Cow, driving blindfolded through the streets of Winfield (sponsored by Main Street Winfield), and finally delivering the donuts and milk to a house they had to assemble.

The races were sponsored by CAPSTONE CUSTOM HOMES of Winfield and WINFIELD REALTY. The event was planned and run by the 2001 Bed Race Committee, Deb and Paul Moran and John and Lisa Neuman.

Don’t forget to get your teams together for next year, the 10th Annual Good Old Days Bed Races are sure to be the best ever! For a reminder of years past, keep an eye on Fox Sports for the show "You Gotta See This", where the bed races were highlighted as a "Wacky" Race.


"Kid Division"

1st Place: "˝ and ˝" - Tyler Sahly, Luke Sahly, Kyle Kirincic, and Timmy Kirincic with a time of 3:41

2nd Place: "The Snoozers" – Joey Peletis, Kate Dorman, Wes Dorman, and Mallory Russ with a time of 4:02

3rd Place: "Disemboweled Barbie Dolls" – Nicholas Daly, Andrew Opperman, Megan Cody and Molly Cody with a time of 4:10

"Adult Division"

1st Place: "Nightmare on Jefferson Street" – Dan and Patty Peletis, Scott Dorman, and Wes Dorman with a time of 3:13

2nd Place: "Winfield Junior Woman’s Club" – Wendy King, Pat Kulie, Lori Wilson and Paige Kulie, with a time of 3:28

3rd Place: "The Deadbeats" – Sharon Wolf, George Fiegle, Rita Grady, and Laura Slivinski with a time of 3:30


Jake Neuman's Team


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